Straight from the heart! Sounds fantastic! Fabulous!”

(ALAN DARBY, guitarist of Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Sting,...)

Great songs & a brilliant voice!”

Steven A. Williams, Producer & Studio owner CHAPEL STUDIOS LONDON)


Nathan Pure is an Austrian singer/songwriter, producer & engineer, who is presenting his current 6 song EP release ‘I NEED U’! The related album will be released May 2019 via the UK Label ‘THE BUT MUSIC GROUP’ of the legendary ‘Jamesie’ Allan James, Brighton. 

Rock/Pop/Funk at its best, recorded in the bands studio in Austria and in Suffolk and London (UK), with help from the fabulous British Jazz pianist James „Jim“ Watson on keyboards! 

Nathan plays his live shows depending on the event as Solo, Duo or Band, which is consisting of Franz Lechner (drums) and Gert Stindl (bass). A powerful rock performance sweetened with ballads and Jazz elements. 

Something special is waiting 4 U! 


„My UK-Connection startet in 2011, when I got the chance to record two of my own songs in the fabulous London studios of Steven Williams, the CHAPEL STUDIOS in Wimbledon with some of the best of the best UK musicians like Alan Darby on guitar  (played with Eric Clapton, Van Morrison) or Jim Watson on keyboards (Katie Melua, Manu Katché) and many others.  

Since then I worked on developing my music, my style and my sound and in 2017 I started with “Walking All Alone” and an extraordinary Video on the ice covered Neusiedlersee my attempt to get a UK Label interested in my music.  

Finally the ‘But Music Group’ of the legendary ‘Jamesie‘ Allan James got on board our journey and with his support we finished our 14 song album which will be released in May 2019. By the way the title song ‘I Need U‘ was added just in the last ‘second’ in May 2018, and was originally not planned to get on the current release. 

The Songs of the EP ‚I Need U’  

‘I Need U’ is a ‘happy-summer-love-rock-song’ which relates to: I NEED U!  

It’s as simple as that. A punchy, catchy song with an outstanding Hammond-solo of Jim Watson in the middle. The perfect single!  

‘Walking All Alone‘ is a song about homeless respectively in life stumbled people, who are still waiting that someone would fetch them and lead them out of their darkness back to their former place in social life. The song was inspired by a gig at the homeless shelter ‚Vinzidorf‘ in Graz and the story of Alan Darby who told me he was picked by Eric Clapton to play in his band, when Alan was on the bottom. But this happens just to very few and extraordinary people, and just with a lot of luck too! “I’m still waiting for this train, to pick me up!”  

‘Love I Just Can’t Hide‘ is a multilayered song about love. About the love for a person of course, but also about the love for a passion, like the creative work of artists (like musicians). The up and down between highest enthusiasm and deepest wariness – as in real love – is often hard to take.  

„Captured in the jungle, of the love I just can’t hide!”