“What is this “SUBSCRIPTION” all about?

Hi I’m Nathan! From now (May 2020) on, most of my musical content like released Music / Videos / Vlogs will ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY be available via this “Subscription Area”.

You’ll find here (nearly every day updated) a collection of my musical life, consisting of ACOUSTIC / LIVE PERFORMANCE VIDEOS, funny musical CHALLENGES, my new DAILY VLOGS and of course all of my produced SONGS & ALBUMS & VIDEOS!

I will (and I know this is pure music industrie blasphemy”)¬† only put some video shortcuts (as teasers), and 1-3 song releases of each album out to the “allmighty & free” streaming platforms like Spotify and Youtube.

Why that? Read below!

The IDEA behind it!

As musicians, we produce an enormous amount of creative content. But in todays music business, this awesome, time consuming and very high skilled work is not rewarded any more. Youtube & Spotify need to be FREE! And only the big bands will get some money out of this system.

So my “Subscription Area” is my approach to be able to sustainably deliver “HIGHEST QUALITY MUSIC, VIDEOS & FUN STUFF” in exchange for a really good valued subscription fee, starting as low as 3,- EUR/Month!


So if you like what I do, subscribe NOW!
And be a part of this exciting journey!

With Your Subscription, you will make things happen!