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for € 3,- monthly (1 Coffee), € 32,- yearly You'll Get:

  1. My current Physical CD "I NEED U" - sent to you!

    1. plus one of my special "FELBER" chocolates - to sweeten up your life further more!
    2. But this is just the start! In addition to this package you will get access to:
  2. ALL my DIGITAL releases I'll create during 2019

    1. This will be about 5 additional CD's!
      1. My upcoming Album SMILE with 12 new songs (~ June)
      2. Acoustic Studio Recordings 1 and 2 (25 of my songs in an HQ acoustic version)
      3. Live CD & Blue Ray 
      4. The Cocktail Show Performances 2019
      5. If you upgrade your subscription (See STORE) you'll get these ones sent to you as a physical CD plus a big booklet and some goodies too!
    2. All the songs of these CD's to stream in high resolution (flac download) directly from the page (on your mobile or desktop) & to download!
    3. AND BE AWARE: most of these songs will not be released via digital shops and streaming platforms like Itunes & Spotify, so they are definitely exclusively for YOU as a subscriber!
  3. ALL MY EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS - only parts and Trailers of them will be available for free on YouTube

    1. About 150 ACOUSTIC VIDEOS  - one every other day!
      1. Acoustic live performances in special locations all over Europe of my 50 originals and 100 covers from the 1970's to the 2019's
    2. About 8 SONG VIDEOS plus various special making of's - one a month starting in April/May
    3. About 6 COCKTAIL SHOWS - in full length -  one a month starting in July/August
      1. A cool live show, with special guests, guest musicians in cool venues around Europe
        AND on each show with a "SPECIAL COCKTAIL creation" from my photo & videographer Mathias Petermann!
        Let's hope I'll survive them all! :)
    4. All my DAILY VLOGS and specials - every day a daily vlog, 5 days a week!
      1. A short vid about what's going on and what's coming up! Every hard working day!
    5. And lot of crazy & funny things more - coming soon! - starting mid Feb!

    1. You'll get special offers only subscribers get (for private gigs, for concert tickets, VIP tickets, ...)!
    2. And you'll get an exclusive backstage talk with me and my bandmembers on every gig you attend!
    3. And there are a lot more goodies for you to come (I'll be inspired)!
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